When you work in adult social care, you become something to someone.

Consider a rewarding career in adult social care in Bradford, where every day is different and you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in someone's life.

Hear from Howard, how carer Sharon added a sprinkle of sunshine to his mother Joan's life:

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What is a career in social care?

In adult social care, you will provide emotional support and reassurance, offering comfort to those in need

As a care sector worker, you will be a source of support not just to your clients but to the team around you, who will do the same for you

You will bring joy and positivity to people's lives, brightening their day with warmth and compassion

In the care sector, you will become the compassionate helping hand to those needing assistance day-to-day

Your role will involve empowering individuals to stand on their own two feet

You will inspire hope and confidence in others, showing them their potential to achieve

When you work in adult social care, you will be the voice for those who aren’t heard

What kind of jobs are involved in social care?

Whatever age or stage of life you are at, there is no better time to join the world of adult social care, and make a meaningful difference in Bradford.

And there are so many different opportunities: from care, enablement and support work directly with clients, to coordinating support and activities from an office as part of a brilliant team working behind the scenes!

And you can progress through to team leaders, supervisors and even managers.

Could you see yourself being something to someone?

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Bradford Council is pleased to partner with Bradford Care Association in this campaign to recruit workers into adult social care.

You can find lots of information about what working in social care looks like, as well as an up-to-date job portal, on Bradford Cares website.



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